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The Gadgets I Never Travel Without


The Gadgets I Never Travel Without

Megan Schatzman

Excluding the obvious (cell phone, camera, laptop) these are the tech gadgets that always make my packing list.

Mophie Power Reserve

There's plenty of backup batteries on the market, you can choose whichever one suits you best. I use the Mophie Power Reserve, because it's very small and light and fits on a keychain. The portability is fantastic, the only downside is it gives me only about 50%-60% charge. That being said, this little gadget has been a life saver time and time again.


Moment Telephoto Lens

This 60mm lens can mount to practically any cell phone, and provides 2x zoom. The quality is stunning. It's simply a great accessory to have on hand while traveling, especially if you can't or would prefer not to carry a camera.

Learn more about this lens.

SKROSS Travel Adapter

SKROSS Travel Adapter

I often travel internationally, and this adapter works in over 150 countries. I've bought similar products that eventually broke, but this one has been excellent.

Note that is is an adapter, not a voltage converter.

Is there something you can't travel without? Share it with other readers by posting in the comments. Thanks!