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Burn Your Portfolio


Burn Your Portfolio

Megan Schatzman

I never thought I would say losing my portfolio was the best thing that's ever happened to me. After my hard drive melted (literally) I kicked myself for not backing it up, then I spent days scouring all the sites I post to hoping to salvage a few full resolution images. The damage was done, but something amazing happened. Without even thinking I began shooting more, improving faster. I had compiled a portfolio that was twice as good in half the time. Once I realized what had happened I vowed to "burn" my portfolio once a year. That is, to forget ever photo I've ever taken and attempt to start again from scratch. 

This began as a tradition, it became a philosophy. Over time my best work was always produced over the last 3 months, rather than the last 3 years. So I challenge you to ask yourself, what if you burned your portfolio? How many years has it taken you to compile? Do you think you could top it in just a fraction of the time? I think you could.

Write your thoughts about it in the comments. Vow to burn your portfolio once a year, literally or metaphorically, I'll leave that up to you.