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Great Cyber Monday Camera Deals for Photographers

Megan Schatzman

This post is a roundup of some of the best Cyber Monday camera and photo deals I've found online. Take advantage of these deals because they only last for one day!

Canon EOS 5D Mark III Bundle

Bundle includes:

  • Canon 5D Mark III Body
  • Manfrotto Aluminum Travel Tripod
  • Lowepro Camera Backpack
  • Sandisk 54GB Memory Card
  • Two Batteries and a Charger

Save over $200 by buying this as a bundle.

Leica 45mm Lens

Use promo code: CYBER15OFF at checkout to get an additional 15% off this price, for a total savings of over $130!

Manfrotto Compact Tripod

Use promo code: CYBER15OFF at checkout to get an additional 15% off this price.

Polaroid Cube Action Camera

This little cube rivals the quality of GoPro at a much lower price point, today only Amazon is offering the Polaroid Cube for 25% off list price. Get it today for $75.

Canon Rebel SL1 plus two Lenses

Bundle Includes:

  • Canon Rebel SL1 Body
  • 18-55mm STM Lens
  • 75-300mm Lens
  • Sandisk 16GB Memory Card

This bundle is a total savings of $400!



Canon 5D Mark II with Two Lenses

Note that this is an older model than the first link in this post, but still a fantastic camera.

Bundle Includes:

  • Canon 5D Mark II Body
  • 18-135mm Lens
  • 70-300mm Lens

If you've found some other great deals that I didn't list here, please post a link in the comment section! 

Burn Your Portfolio

Megan Schatzman

I never thought I would say losing my portfolio was the best thing that's ever happened to me. After my hard drive melted (literally) I kicked myself for not backing it up, then I spent days scouring all the sites I post to hoping to salvage a few full resolution images. The damage was done, but something amazing happened. Without even thinking I began shooting more, improving faster. I had compiled a portfolio that was twice as good in half the time. Once I realized what had happened I vowed to "burn" my portfolio once a year. That is, to forget ever photo I've ever taken and attempt to start again from scratch. 

This began as a tradition, it became a philosophy. Over time my best work was always produced over the last 3 months, rather than the last 3 years. So I challenge you to ask yourself, what if you burned your portfolio? How many years has it taken you to compile? Do you think you could top it in just a fraction of the time? I think you could.

Write your thoughts about it in the comments. Vow to burn your portfolio once a year, literally or metaphorically, I'll leave that up to you. 

Boston Snowpocalypse

Megan Schatzman

This past December I moved from London back to Boston and swore I never wanted to see that much rain again. Needless to say, I've decided rain is not so bad.  


Moment Lens Review

Megan Schatzman


The Moment Lens is an external lens for smartphones born out of Kickstarter. They offer a telephoto and wide angle lens, along with a wide range of mounts that allow their lenses to be used on most smartphones and some tablets. 


  • Stunning quality
  • Tele: 2x optical zoom let's you get closer without your image becoming pixelated
  • Wide angle allows you to capture more in your shot, without distortion or the 'fish eye' effect
  • Mount fits nicely under most phone cases, you don't have to remove your case to use the lens
  • Small size fits nicely in a jacket pocket for easy access


  • The mount could be improved, the lens sometimes doesn't fully 'lock' into place
  • High price compared to other external lenses on the market (though in my opinion, a good value considering the quality)
  • Not as small as some on the market, which can slip into wallets or pants pockets

Image Samples

With Moment Wide Lens

With Moment Wide Lens

Standard iPhone Lens

 Standard iPhone Lens

Standard iPhone Lens

With Moment Tele Lens

With Moment Tele Lens

The Verdict

The Moment Telephoto Lens is the best iPhone accessory I've ever purchased. I'm eager to buy their other lens as well. 


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The Gadgets I Never Travel Without

Megan Schatzman

Excluding the obvious (cell phone, camera, laptop) these are the tech gadgets that always make my packing list.

Mophie Power Reserve

There's plenty of backup batteries on the market, you can choose whichever one suits you best. I use the Mophie Power Reserve, because it's very small and light and fits on a keychain. The portability is fantastic, the only downside is it gives me only about 50%-60% charge. That being said, this little gadget has been a life saver time and time again.


Moment Telephoto Lens

This 60mm lens can mount to practically any cell phone, and provides 2x zoom. The quality is stunning. It's simply a great accessory to have on hand while traveling, especially if you can't or would prefer not to carry a camera.

Learn more about this lens.

SKROSS Travel Adapter

SKROSS Travel Adapter

I often travel internationally, and this adapter works in over 150 countries. I've bought similar products that eventually broke, but this one has been excellent.

Note that is is an adapter, not a voltage converter.

Is there something you can't travel without? Share it with other readers by posting in the comments. Thanks!

Proven Tips to Combat Jet Lag

Megan Schatzman

Over the course of three months, I took 11 flights which had time changes anywhere from one hour to seven hours. I can absolutely attest to the fact that jet lag can make the first day of any trip difficult to enjoy. Eventually, I found a routine that combatted my jet lag, I hope it can be useful to you as well.


This is undoubtedly the most important tip. Drink plenty of water before you leave, on the plane, and when you arrive. People tend to drink less water than normal when they're traveling. This happens for a number of reasons, it may be due to decreased access to water, the cost of water bottles, or even the fear of having to frequent the restroom. Keeping yourself hydrated will be good for your body and your brain during long journeys. Therefore, you should also avoid things that will dehydrate you during the flight, such as alcohol. 


If you're awake on the flight, you should get up and move periodically. Prolonged periods sitting is unnatural for our bodies. 

Don't Sleep when you land

If you flight doesn't land at night, local time, then you should stay awake. A nap won't help your body adjust to the new time zone, so make the most of the day and get moving. Be sure to go to bed at your usual time in the new time zone.

Eat Meals at normal Local times

When I land in a new time zone, I often find that I'm hungry. If it isn't the right time for a meal, I eat something light and force myself to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the correct local times.

Use Natural sleep aids

Sleeping pills can be harmful to your body's natural ability to fall asleep, especially when it is already trying to adjust to the change in time zone. If you need something to help you sleep, try melatonin. 


2,000 Views per Month! Thank you!

Megan Schatzman

Since its launch at the end of summer, my website has been averaging 2,000 views per month. I cannot possibly express how grateful I am that so many people have taken an interest in the work I've put into this site.

To show how much I truly appreciate every single viewer, I've made another one of my custom-made Adobe Photoshop Actions available for free on my presets page.